RB Telecom - R.B Telecom LLC/Victor Robles is a scam artist

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The company R.B Telecom LLC based out of Corona California were in Georgia where my fiance and I live doing a contract job through AT&T.They rented a storage unit where I work and that's how I met Victor Robles and his brother Rueben Robles.

Long story short they offered my fiancee a job with the company. The nature of the work is with cell phone towers. Victor told him to quit his job that this job was full time. My fiancee quit that job and worked for him a couple of weeks and then my fiancee could not get a hold of them.

They would ignore all his calls and never call him back to explain why he was not working and when he was getting paid. Victor would even write bad checks for his storage unit that would come back. It came to light that he has done this to other gentlemen on a project in Texas. He owes one man 15,000 dollars and the company DTS he had been contracted through 90,000.

Needless to say he has not gotten paid for his work and he is jobless. We want to file in small claims court but would have to do it in Corona California.

We are struggling to even get by and this man takes labor from other people and steals from other people.He is a *** artist and our hope is this post can save anyone who reads it from doing business with them or considering working for them.

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